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most outrageous place


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Had sex inside a wooden jungle gym type enclosure in a park in a campground in the Poconos.

Got a blowjob from an older married woman in the co-ed steamroom of a healthclub.

The fitting room of a department clothing store.

In the college photo darkroom.

In a rowboat in the center of a lake.

Miami International Airport.

I had an online relationship with a woman from another country for 3 years, and every few months she'd fly in to stay with me for a couple of months. And everytime I picked her up at the airport, we were so hot to see each other again we were going at each other in the airport elevator. Then we had sex in my car in the airport parking lot. I had tinted windows so it wasn't easy to see in. Most times I drove up to the nearly deserted top level of MIA and we made love in the front seat as the planes soared by overhear with the windows open and the roar of the planes and the vibration jolting the car. But a few times we couldn't wait to get to the top level and went at it right there on the ground or first floor level, with people walking by looking over as the car bounced around.

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thats a busy intersection...with all the merging traffic from 80 and 287....no wonder there was a freaking traffic jam there the other day...at 2:00am in the morning....it must be you....all those truckers slowing down to check your action....

an ex tossed my salad on two different friend's parents beds.......

my friends hottub...

the washing machine (or might have been the dryer) i dont remember


sides of Rt. 80 and Rt. 287

the 7-11 parking lot in Hasbrouck Heights

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