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My new fantasy...

Guest gabo

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HAHA i just added that to my shower last summer LOL

its so big now theres room for like 4 people in there

(now theres an idea) !!!

Ok so heres what ya do

hop in the car - PM rollrgrll222 for her address

scoope her up on the way to my place

and ill make sure i have a good few gallons of Nutella & Rockyroad icecream

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done the shower thing, not with 2 girls though. Its fun just cuz its fun but somehow the water coming down numbs a lot of the feeling of touching and all that, shit even screwing in there didnt feel the same, its weird but its just fun.

Ya gotta be pretty damn flexible or willing to put work into it cuz some of those positions in there KILL, best workout my legs and arms ever had. Dont forget the sticky mat, you'll need it.

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I do enjoy gettin soapy in the shower. Very hot!! Ohhh and I love giving a guy head in the shower with the water falling down our bodies....mmmmm....very yummie :drool:

yah i noticed this, last girl i had in the shower was enjoying lathering me up and out of nowhere im washin my hair and bam i open my eyes to amazement n shes gone down south just sucking away with fury, that was def some great head. Gettin your legs cleaned up while getting your knob polished :bowdown:

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