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i was watchin tv...montell was on

bout a father addicted to GHB...he got addicted after takin it as a weight lifting supplement...GBL(a chemical converted to GHB)

his family would film him while he was on that shit...shit is fukin crazy...he was havin spasms and convulsions..he was lookin like he was posessed...

that shit is sad.

ive seen some people really fawked up on this shit

collapsing in the dance floor..lookin like there whole body got paralyzed...

but that video was crazy never seen shit like that.

i remember back in 2000 outside Centro some dude shitted on himself walkin like a fukin zombie..that shit was sad

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I love G....its awesome and actually pretty safe if you take it responsbily....I've seen people much more fucked up on K, that shiiit makes ppl look possessed...I remember seeing this group of kids at Shelter and all of them literally couldnt even walk out the door...they were bending in unnatural ways and it literally looked like their legs were made of jelly

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