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MP3 or WAV file

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Agreed, in smaller rooms your ok, but in bigger venues you hear the difference..

The difference is negligible. Believe me, there are many big name DJs, even those that spin at Crobar and Spirit for example, that use 320kbps MP3s that they've burned to CD. Granted WAVs are better quality (assuming it's a WAV file created from the source track and not a WAV file created from an MP3), but even on a big system the vast majority of people cannot really tell the difference, only true audiophiles can, and even then, I'm not convinced most audiophiles can tell the difference. Now if someone was using 128kbps or 192kbps MP3s that's one thing, but when you are dealing with 256kbps VBR or 320kbps, it becomes extremely difficult to tell the difference.

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