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I'm a bit torn about this. I dont condone police violence but at the same time seeing this guy's family yell & cry out in court turns my fuckin stomach.

IMO its a combo of injuries sustained from the jump & struggle w/ the Popo's. The mask is so he wouldn't spit blood on people. Which I guess he was doing at the time. You dont spit blood unless you get busted up inside real bad.

On a sadder note I heard somewhere the detective had a few daughters in college and he was working details at Stop n Shop to make x-tra cash to pay for their schooling. Hope this fucker gets OFF. So the cops (or someone) can finish him off right. Don't forget he is the prime suspect in the stabbing of an elderly woman which is what he was originally brought in for.

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Wow! Ashame with all of your post-whoring you didn't even win the damn PSP...thanks for playing, maybe next year!

I can't post just for fun? or maybe u just want to discourage me from posting, and u would kno who won, the contest ends the 31st

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