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Official... Where The Hell Is Codica Thread???

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No need to worry about codica,

she's been stayin at my place for the last couple nights, and well, we've been havin so much "fun" that she hasn't got around to posting in a while.

She sends everyone her best wishes though, and she'll be back soon.

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Last I heard she was on a plane to Oakland and said something about Zito.

:laugh2: :laugh2:

Yeah.. just got back from Oakland.. Zito was nowhere to be found.. I guess they were on a road trip?! ;)

Sorry I haven't been around (I miss you too Miss Lola!).. work has been keeping me busy as hell.. and I can't post anymore during work like I used to cause I'm back in the lab all day long. :(

Anyways.. I'm gonna make it an effort to check every couple days in the morning before work when I update my fantasy baseball team (grr.. I fell hardcore out of first place where I was holding nice and steady for a while due to a few baaaaad fucking weeks! [screw you Jon!!!!!!! *watch you're back!*]). I've been missing out on some good arguments!

All I really have to say is that Tampa Bay *OWNS* the Yankees.. (no thanks to Lou Piniella!)


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Cool, I'm glad you checked in!!! I was getting worried!!!

Welcome back girlie :)

Thanks babes!

I had a message from Jon saying my presence was requested - I figured there was a fight or something that needed tending to.. lol..

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