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Jets Hire Mangini as New Head Coach


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it was between him and Tice....I'm surprised there was even an interview

word is he's a prodigy that gets respect from the players. he should be good for the Jets even though he's walking into a huge mess of a team

yeah, no surprise there... but yeah, he's got a lot of work to do. Jets need a new RB, QB and WR at least.. not counting the defensive end of the ball. I'm sorry but pennington is done. They need to draft that Lendale kid from USC and a QB. Plus Wayne Cherbet (sp?) retired..

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I think he removed his name from consideration from NFL jobs a while ago...

Money talks...looks at Edwards. Ferentz would've come as a coach/GM like Saban with the Dolphins. But good ol' Woodrow Johnson would never realize how smart a move that would be and continues with that moron Bradway at the helm.

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Go watch some dancin' girls with him and you'll see him happy ;) LOL

sounds like a plan to me...spragga...we must plan this :)

not till your teams yank their way out of the gutter anyway

yea...i was thinking the same thing...but doesnt look like it will happen soon...

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