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dj sneak review?


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Thanks again for coming out Jose! ;)

Vertigo was packed on both floors. I was running around most of the night. Caught a little bit of Sergio and Randy opening, got a great vibe started in that room. Sneak came on around 11:30...he was solid start to finish. He had the dancefloor packed all night, one great track after another. The crowd was lovin him! So great to finally see him, definitely a new favorite of mine!

Dres & Dan had a great night upstairs as well. Some minimal, some progressive, but people crammed in and dancing up there as well! Jason our old bartender was back, so the drinks were extra strong, I think everyone had a great time! :beer:

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ok, i love dj sneak want to have his babies. i also love randy for being so damn drunk and dancing the waltz with me and then trying to bite my ear. i also love jason the bartender and his heavy hand with the grey goose. oh and i also don't love the drink that i got downstairs that tasted like battery acid. that was not cool.

oh and i also love the cute girl with the pinkish red hair with the camera! so cute.

um, yeah, and dres, your new musical tastes make me happy. you played soome silly stuff up there last night, loved it. yay!

and a special thanks to caitie "corner" sullivan for driving me to and from vertigo so i could get drunk and having sick promoter skills and getting my camera back from montreal. and lastly to tanner for punching some homeboy in the face!!!

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great night, sneak was awesome. spent alot of time upstairs as well with dres and dan great tunes from those guys as always, lots of friends out and ready to party and met some new ones too. im so glad i dont have to work today :shaky: ooof

haha toocool! i met you.

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