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ladies, how small...


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Well....I have to say that a man that is well hung has it's benefits...BUT there is hope for the small guys.

In my opinion it's all about performance. If you put on a good show, there should be some applause in return. If you can't get your girl to orgasm....USE YOUR HANDS to "tweet the tweeter". That always gets me going.

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Originally posted by nodjpromoter:

is to small to satisfy. 3,4,5 inches.is a 5 inch penis too small to get the job done.the truth will be appreciated

yes a 5 inch penis is DEF way too small i think..i would say anything over 6 - 6.5 would be acceptible..



~~PaRt TiMe AngEL angel.gif PaRt tImE DeViL~~ sgrin.gif

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ok, i know a lot of girls will not agree with me on this one but i swear the couple of really big penises i've encountered were attached to morons who thought that just because their dicks were big that they were awesome in bed and they were dead wrong. a couple of the smaller ones i encountered were attached to dudes who rocked my world so in my opinion a big dick does not a good lover make!!!


jumpdei.gif Boink like a bunny!!!

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