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Is anyone with me on this one???

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Honestly I really can't wait until this week is over for a few reasons.

One - I really can't wait for PVD this friday night, I'm getting down!

Two - I really hate work and I think it is dragging me down, anyone up for being independently weathly??

Three - I am bored and really want to get a life, and for some reason I live so far away from civilization that the only time I can get one is on the weekend when I drive to Boston, so therefore come on weekend....

Fourth - Sleep! I need some, and getting up early in the morning is not cutting it anymore.

Fifth and last but not least - Anyone hearing friday = Payday!

Share your thoughts on why you think the weekend should get here, and get here fast..

See everyone at PVD,


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This whole week has been real painful with the coming of PVD. I've been like counting down the minutes to this show. For an Angel and Seven Ways have been playing in my head all week. If you all have the energy you should check out Lee Burridge at Chrome tonight. He's also a good dj, probably one of the more underrated djs out there. As for Rise, it's a pretty cool afterhours. First floor is like a chill lounge, 2nd floor is a crazy dancefloor full of mirrors to trip you out. Definitely worth going to if you can, I'll be there. Catch you all Friday!!!

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