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What is worse coke or E?

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My personal opinion (keep in mind your mileage may vary) E has fucked me up much more in the long run than blow.

I have pushed both drugs to the maximum and E has crushed my short term memory. My emotions are all over the place as well. I have dropped my E use by more than 1/2 and notice a large improvement in personality/emotions. Might sound corny...but it is true.

With blow...I am only hurtin until I wake up the next day...then I am fine...no emotional roller coaster...no depression (nose kills!) but nothing like the after effects of E.

I am prolly much older than many of you so my body's recovery time is waaay different.

Of course...moderation plays a key role...but once in a while...my urge to go off the hook kicks the shit out of moderation.:tongue:

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Well we really have no idea what the long-term effects of E are. So I would say E is probably worse.

However- you can really fuck yourself up with coke. I mean sure there are some people who roll everyday, but it's impossible to do that for very long because their tolerance becomes such that they just can't roll anymore. Coke, on the other hand, can become a daily habit.

What's the moral to the story? Sing along with me- everything in moderation!!!

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