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Ok...serious question


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I've been really struggling with this all summer, and for some reason today has become the day to focus on it. So...I thought I'd ask for some input from y'all. :)

In a nutshell, the issue is *why* I (or anyone else, for that matter) chooses to use drugs. When I'm at school, especially if I'm using psychedelics, it seems completely justifiable as a mind-enhancing, thought-provoking, spiritual and intellectual experience - I accomplish something or further my maturation using drugs as a vehicle. And even if I'm using something more "mindless" like pot or E, I still feel that I'm using them for a reason - as a social experience, or to deepen relationships with friends. Being at home, though, makes me question all those choices/rationalizations. Since none of my friends here use (and therefore none of them can really empathize with what I think) I'm constantly second-guessing myself, and seeing my use as an escape from reality, rather than an enhancement of it. I start believing that I really *am* messing up my life, and that I'm ultimately heading down a wrong path by choosing to do these chemicals.

So basically what I'm asking you is: do/did any of you experience something similar? What conclusions did you reach about your own personal use? I know this is a lot for this board (home of the "X pills are GREAT!" posts) but for some reason I'm really preoccupied with this today and would love some advice. If you don't care, just leave it alone - I'm really not in the mood to get bullshit "go smoke some pot" responses. Thanks guys

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...at this point you can't really go back. You're never really going to think about things the same way your friends who didn't try psychadelics do. It's sort of a difficult position to take to say that drugs have somehow enlightened you (me, us), but in a way it's true. But then that's also the same way that your friends can't empathize with what you think.

I have no idea what makes people do drugs. For me I guess it started with realizing that everyone thought I was on them anyway. So I tried them and everything made sense. I haven't done psychadelics in a while and most of the peopl I used to do them with have pretty much sworn them off. I guess in the end they don't help you deal with the "real" world at all. But they damn sure give you a good idea of what's out there in terms of the capacity of human experience.

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You said it yourself--to escape reality. Some even use it to "loosen up". What ever it is that you would like to pursue or accomplish by using any drug, be wise, drugs aren't the answer, just a temporary alteration of the mind which allows us to experience life on a different level.

If you feel that the use of any substance is interferring with your personal life, academics, or career, perhaps you should rethink your next decision on using these vices. If you are going through an experimental stage (which most people do at any age) and are curious about life and what it has to offer, you're not alone...you'd be surprised how many other people are going through exactly the same motions as you. Either way, ALWAYS BE AS SAFE AND AS CAUTIOUS AS POSSIBLE. A few hours or minutes of "ecstacy" and/or "bliss" is not worth putting your body and mind in danger.

When you are around friends and family from home and you don't feel at ease with yourself, think about why you don't and what causes you to feel this way. Is there something lacking in your life that you're hoping to find when you're high? You maybe surprised, your friends and family have probably been through similar stages as well.

You seem to be just going through a phase and are obviously still growing as a person and perhaps even trying to figure out who you are and what you want out of life...that's normal and you're probably experiencing relatively healthy human emotions.

I hope this helps. Be safe and take care.

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i agree..... and yes i always second guess myself when it comes to why i use drugs.... my family has instilled strong morals and values in me while raising me and whenever i have time to seriously think about the *negative* effects and possible consequences of using e.... i get scared. sometimes i think "thats it... i cant do this anymore" but i always end up doin it again anyway b/c the *positive* effects always overrule the bad things about it. and idk if thats good or bad or what, but it IS a scary thought. to think about *why* we take these things- like silente said- to escape reality or to enhance it- i guess it is whatever u make of it... and IMO- theres nothing wrong with that- and im sure if it wasnt bad for ur body, parents and friends who dont do it probably wouldnt frown upon it so much. but b.c of that, those who dont do it, will never understand wxactly why it is that we use drugs.... b/c the negative effects scare them and make it not worth it for them. which is something i never ever thought of... so i tried it one night... and here i am. trying to come to a rationalization of why i use them in the first place. *phewf*!! that took a lot outta me!

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