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How many times?

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Originally posted by linabina

none..... im probably the only 19 yr old virgin left on the planet... but i cant help it!!! do u guys think thats a bad thing or a good thing.....? :worry2:

Hey don't feel bad, I was a virgin till I was 19 years old!! And of course I lost it to the biggest asshole so don't like have sex with whoever cause u wanna not be a virgin cause trust me u'll regret it!!

Well to answer the question I'd have to say (it depends though) probably minimum is 3 times and the max has been like 12.


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Originally posted by jamaica

:hump: Okay i though tsome thing was wrong with me. I thought that having sex everyday was a problem. :hump:

Only if it inteferes with your natural daily routine....Oh wait, it is part of the routine...Carry On:) :):)

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