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.. in no particular order

1) Mike Ski - 1974

2) Jim Heinz - jackie nova - (jp remix)

3) Sister Bliss - Deliver Me (Geert Huinink Mix)

4) Catscan - Rotten

5) Jessica Simpson . A Little Bit . Guido Dub ( never like vocals, but eh, its ok)

6) Vinny Cozzi - Daddy's Little Girl (Dub)

7) Revolt - Raw

8) Deepswing - In The Music (Plastika's Vocal Mix)

9) I Am Ready - (Paul Hutchs Remix)

10) Tony Draper - "Lets Go!" (gotta throw my boy's track up on there.)

Bonus Track:

<< drum roll please >>

Sume Sigh Say (tribal anthem)... i know Tsettos has to be playing this.. Anthony.. confirm it?


Justin HigginsSume Sigh Say

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Jim Heinz - Jackie Nova - what you (JP Voxl)

is exactly what the file shows...

.. and yes, I have a copy of everything I posted, why else post it? :)



tranza: where you been bro? im gonna be at SF Sept 2nd, if you wanna get up and meet...

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