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I have just had a call....


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From a friend called Ken, he was at Bora Bora in Ibiza (a club on the beach)... he called to rub it in (messed out of his face)...

The conversation went something like this..

'Dave, is that you?'

'Yeh is that Ken, where the fuck are you?'

'Dave i am at Bora Bora man, it's going right off... fucking mental men'

'Ken this is hardly fair is it'

'Dave check this tune' <Ken goes away to put phone to a speaker>

<muffled sounds of house>bum tst num tst num tst</bum tst bum tst bum>

'I am spangled Dave but i carn't go home, laughing... hey i got Dave on the phone'

Brian comes on


Ken again

'Dave i better go, and neck another pill the last one didn't shit'


'Yeh thanks for the call, have fun'

<more muffled music> bum tst bum tst bum tst</more muffled music>

phone goes down.

Ok drunken dialing isn't too bad but drugged Ibiza dialing is out.

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patience, david patience...

payback is a motherf*cking bitch

you know what? i'll be standing right next to you as you return the favor in a couple of weeks. should we call when sasha is blowing it up? perhaps steve lawler? maybe erick morillo would be more appropriate?

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