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what happening this week 8/17 at exit?


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If you're a promotor, why do u need a flyer for?

Melanie...if my memory serves me correct, didn't u try to do a meet up a month ago, and U never showed up for it?


I'm going to be running around as usual, now that the Red Room is shut down for renovation.

I'm either going to be behind Draper's Booth, meeting up with BigArt, or @ the Main Floor.

C-ya then!

:D :D

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most def ....... i would love to set that bitch on fire... prob a skank...anyways big pop is down for a meet up anyone else??

thats messed up .... i was horrible when it was a hip hop room last year.... fucking can't move in there....... better off the red room where there is more space and better music when justin is there...... so anyone else down.....we could all meet up behind drapers booth

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I will be @ Exit around 11 - 12am.

We just haven't figure where to meet up at yet.

There are other members of the board that wants to meet up also, but don't know where. If the Red Room is close, we have to find another spot. How about in the back of the other Dj booth?!?

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