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What a horrible day! I am ready to go home. I came into work today after two days of hellish moving, thinking that I would pick up my paycheck and take it streight to the bank because I have a shitload of bills to pay. Well, I find a message on my desk from the lady I am supposed to give my time card to so she can make sure I wasn't adding time on that I didn't work. Well... the stupid bitch didn't turn my time card in two weeks ago. She left me a very sarcastic letter and a loan sheet attatched. She had the nerve to tell me I could take out a loan until I get my check in two weeks!!! That is going to take time to get! I have a credit card payment due in 4 days and rent and blah blah blah!!! Not to mention I am already trying to run around and find a loan because I am only going to have about $2,000 to live on for the next year. What's a broke ass gurl like me to do?

Sorry, just had to vent. :(

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Originally posted by kimberlyco

Ever hear that commerical... need money for college, tried of living pay check to pay check... etc.. then come on out and work for the sugar shack!

Kidding sweetie, just trying to be funny. :D

that was for Heavenly Bodies babe...

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