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Sundays @ Space or Judgement Sundays?

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Ok I'll be there in less tan 2 weeks. I'll be heading off to Barcelona to chill for a couple of days and then I'll be going to Ibiza (SO F-ING EXCITED!!!).

Ok here's my dilema: I'll be there only one sunday (total of 6 nights): I'm not that crazy about Judge Jules (he's ok~) but I cannot miss Ferry Corsten..I've been dying to see this guy forever. But I DO NOT want to miss S&D and Lawler. What is a man to do? Is it possible that I can time everything right to not miss one over the other? I am hoping that Corsten comes on early and S&D / Lawler comes on late... Can lady luck be on my side? Anyone have any ideas on their sets/times?

Another dumb question: Can you leave clubs and come back in without having to pay again? (Stamped hands or something like that?)

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U won't know the times of the DJ's sets till ur inside. I'm pretty sure all exits are final.

Ferry Corsten hasn't been to NYC *yet*. If U haven't seen him live & are really dying to see him GO! Sasha & Lawler will be in NYC here in the fall/winter. Who knows if Ferry will ever come here. :(

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There is nothing like the crazy atmosphere at the club on Sundays, nothing in the whole f*cking world:eek: !! You must be crazy to miss this!

:D :D

As for exits, at the Space usually all exits are final, except for Sundays in which you get a bracelet and can exit once during the whole 22 hour party, and when you come back they cut off the bracelet.

As for the other clubs, I went only to Amnesia and Pacha, and exiting and re-entering was not a problem with stamps...

GOD, I'm jealous of you that you're going, I can't wait for next year...this vacation is a clubber's paradise...

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w/o a doubt go to sundays@space. judgement sundays is eden's big party, but there is nothing like being able to spend 22 hours experiencing one of the best vibes on the island.

in terms of leaving space and popping over to eden - just remember that space is in playa d'en bossa and eden is all the way over in san antonio. unless you want to take a cab over, you'll have to ferry or bus back to ibiza town, fight your way onto the san antonio bus, and fight crazy drunk brits on the west end to get to the club. then you have to get back.....

space was the first club i went to in ibiza. the line was a mile long at 5pm, and it was worth the wait. danny tenaglia went on at about midnight, followed by steve lawler.

when i was @ eden, ferry corsten was on from 3-5 or 4-6 (i lost track of time after that joint in the funky room with the nyu kids) and lisa lashes gave one of my favorite sets of my trip.

if you do go to eden, don't forget to catch jules warm-up set in the funky room (2 hours) before he goes on in the main room (another 2 hours)

but honestly - you really really do have to experience sundays @ space. you won't regret it.

also - as twilogoddess said, you never know what time dj's actually will go on. i wanted to head over to manumission (privilege) for roger sanchez, but it was carl cox's birthday so i had to stay at amnesia for his set - which didn't end until 7am.

next - you will love barcelona. aside from ibiza of course, barcelona was my favorite city in spain. if you are looking for a great place to chill, take the cable car to the top of montjuic about an hour b4 sunset - no music but great views. two good museuems (miro + contemporary art) and the olympic village are up there too. the ramblas are very fun at night, especially after a few san miguel's.



ps i'm in desperate need of a giant banner from eden - would it be possible for me to lay out some $$$$ and you could pick one up while you're over there? it'd make me a very VERY happy rob....

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Definetly go to Space after going out Saturday NIGHT , that is the start of Sundays @ Space,you can even wait and go around noon , alot of people go to borra bora first then across the street to Space ,then you can go to Eden for JS later that night.

I was in Ibiza twice this year and i was able to do alot by not sleeping much

other places to check out

coastline cafe ,

either MINISTRY FRI @ PACHA or Sat at Pacha, SAt gives u a discount for sundays @ space

alot of dj's hang out at :



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I just got confirmation from Space: S&D will start their set @ 12pm (I figure they mean noon). His sets usually last 5-6hrs so I think I can pull off both clubs in one night. We have a car so I dont have to worry about getting around.

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There nothing like we love... sundays@space, so i wouldn't have such dilema but you can do both. I like space better during the day (terrace is open till midnight) -- Lawler usually plays at the terrace from 10pm-midnight // don't miss that!!

At space (only on sundays and because the party last 22 hours) they give u a green bracelet so you can reenter only once.

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