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Planning Ibiza trip? Read ths.

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A continuation of this original post:

Best time to go : Late June or Early September

Why?: The locals all claimed that if I came in July or

August, there are just too many people, and

most of them are downright dirty. I went in

the end of June, and, I couldn't of picked a better


Best Place to stay: The ROYAL PLAZA HOTEL.

Why? It is one of the only 4 star hotels with a great

location for some of the best clubs, and the

food/shopping location.

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All shall be going myself again next summer.... and every summer for as long as I live!

Again, make sure you go in late june, or early september. I plan on going in late June again.

Also, surf the web all you can. I spent hours and hours gathering clubbing info on the web before I went, and believe me, it was worth it. I knew more about the DJs, the clubs, the club events, the openings, etc. more than the locals did.

And the chicks, oh my, lets just say, I love stewardesses from Germany.

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I am also planning my first trip for late June/early July of next year. How much was the Royal Plaza per night? I was thinking of staying in Playa....what are some good restaurants? Going for 10 days, so we will have plenty of time to hit the clubs and the beaches and tour the island. Any advise is appreciated. How much were your plane tics? Cheapest I saw so far was $800 from JFK

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A double in the Royal Plaza (two beds) was exactly $144 a night. Split between two of us, and well, it wasn't that bad, and very much worth it. I would not recommend staying at the Playa section. All the good shopping, food, activities, etc take place in the marina section. There you have endless streets of restaurants, cafes, music stores, and what seemed like millions of club clothing stores. Not to mention the scene at night. At around midnight, this area on the marina is jumping with thousands of people out on the streets having their pre-clubbing festivities. And all this is no more than a 5 min. leisure stroll from the Royal Plaza.

Best Clubs.....by far Pacha, followed by Amnesia, and Privilage.

I did not visit some of the other clubs, such as Envy, due to the "brittish trash" that seem to go there. (no offense!)

I only had 4 nights there, and Pacha and Privalege at around 1:30 am, with a late night at Amnesia, are definately the way to go.

One thing, you must be ready to take cabs.

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I am pretty sure ( as far as I can remember) that the playa to the marina is not walking distance. So, you may have to utilize your rent-a-car. Be careful with the driving, the european motorists are maniacs. I almost beat the hell out of a few of them for nearly running my drunk ass over.

As far as airfare, I cannot tell you exactly. Only because I flew into Lisbon first, stayed there for a few days, then took a flight to Madrid that connected then to Ibiza.

I then had to connect back to Madrid and then into JFK in NY.

All that came to almost $1,000.

Let me know if I can help you with anything else.

Its good that you are planning well in advance. I didn't do anything until about 2 months before I actually went.

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Originally posted by houston777

We're staying at the Royal as well from the 12th -14th. Looks like we'll just miss you. Might stay longer if we're having too much fun to move on to Barcelona. Good to hear its the right place to stay.

I will be in Ibiza from the 12th - 18th. Any club nights set up yet? It will be fun to see other Americans.

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Ibiza was great this summer. I heard sasha, carl cox, dave seaman, and even met paul oakenfold.

The clubs were amazing, the beaches were beautiful, and most people were very friendly. I recommend staying in Playa De'en Bossa, and spending your days on the beach, recovering @ borra borra!

rent a jet-ski, visit the waterpark, just chill. A MUST @ night is Manumission @ privilege, on mondays. I was blown away by this spectacular party.

good packages and prices can be found @


I went in July and paid $1,100 for a 4 star hotel (Club Goleta) on Playa De'en Bossa.

see you in ibiza,

summer 2002!

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