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acid or mushrooms in a club?


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Ahh yes the word is "Candyflippin". So what you wanna do is meet up with your boy Ellis D before you go to the rave or club. Now I'd take it around 2 hours before hand. YOu get to the party and then should be feeling the early trip. I'd check out the club vibe and soon pop my pill. Now an hour later, you should be feeling your acid great and the roll should be kicking in. I tell ya i've only candy flipped once, and when i did it. I was tripping my balls off a drop of pure liquid (TALK ABOUT VISUALS and CLEAN TRIP, WOW!!!!) and my friend crushed up a pink CK, and i remember how tripped out i was , and as soon as i sniffed that line of e, WOW the tranquility that suddenly unleashed on my body, BRAVO BRAVO, enjoy. I'd stay away from mushrooms though, they tend to leave me glued to the wall.

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i ll most likely try the hippy flip before the candy flip, but from the sound of it, seems like i should take the pill second regardless... still worried about the club scene if i bug out. itd probably be a good idea to not do it in a club first. whenever i eat muchrooms i trip real fuckin hard, but i ususally dont move... at least very fast. im thinkin a pill with it would be intense in a club

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depends on the place....I recommend shrooms for a place ur not too familar with bc then u may start to seriously bug and then that would really fuckin suck. Acid is cool to take in ur church. But I have to also give my shout out to candy flippin...makes u mad chill :D

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