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Nick Warren & Danny Howells..

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I just picked up Renaissance:Revelation mixed by Nick Warren and Danny Howells...a compilation put out by Ultra Records..

This shit is nassstty!!

Im pretty sure it was released this past week..

If any1 wants a tracklisting, ask me to post it up!



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I always have loved hard stuff, but at the same time I always loved deep, and mellow stuff.

I like alot of house with funky basslines and deep sounds to them, at the same time I love a mean tech house set.

I think a good DJ should change with the time, and their style should go as the new sounds come in, and be open to new things.

I used to goto Vinyl after Exit when I spun anyway, i just used to spin alot of the hard ish., which is fine. but's just alot different now. :)

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Renaissance : Revelation...Mixed by Nick Warren and Danny Howells!


Disc One..Nick Warren

01. Phil K - Intro

02. Luke Chable - Eat Static

03. Jay Tripwire - So Horny For Your Horn

04. Polaris - Addicted (Powder Productions Mix)

05. Paul Mac - The Sounds of Breaking Up (Dark Alley Mix)

06. Dirty - Dirty (Weird Acappella)

07. Dirty - Dirty

08. Way Out West - Stealth (Quivver Mix)

09. iio - Rapture (Deep Dish Mix)

10. Future Sound Of Prefab Sprout - If You Don't Love Me (Stateside Mix)

11. Mavi - Sufi

12. Deep Funk Project vs. Austin Leeds - Sub Ritual

13. Marino Berardi - Tribal Shot

Disc Two..Danny Howells

01. Bent - Always (Ashley Beedle's Mahavishnu Vocal Mix)

02. Saint & Coker - Deserted

03. Reset - Runaway (Del 5 Dub)

04. Plato - Nothing From This (Echomen Mix)

05. Ubu - Pixels (Hipp-E Mix)

06. Indaba - Dark Light

07. Nebulus - Blueless

08. Southern Comforter - Another Late Thursday (Spin Cycle Mix)

09. Groove Juice ft. Yamil Thain - Back To Africa (Little Green Men Remix)

10. Soul Providers - Rise (Mas Collective Mix)

11. Lexicon Avenue - From Dusk Til Dawn

12. Sharpside - Belgian Resistance

13. Mother's Pride - Nightflight

There ya go...


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yea i was gunna pick up that quivver's cd, how is it??

I was looking on Towerrecords.com last nite and it said that Justin Time's MDMA Vol. 4 is out, it said it came out the 20th?

I wanted to pick this up, but i didnt know it already came out, i havent seen it in any of the stores i usually go to....plus i remember a few people on here talken about it about a month back..

So wats the deal with that, any1 know?



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