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Kissing Question???????


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Guest gabo

I have had some bad kissers in my day and I really dont say anything, unless I know them pretty well . Then I would give some guidence.

why do u ask? I thought I was a good kisser.:tongue:

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I was asking myself the same ques. Some guys aren't kissers and some are, it's easier to help the ones that are kissers than it is to help the ones that aren't! ~duh~ This is what I'd do: First, let him know in a nice way that his kissing techniques need major improvements and you want to teach him..... It can be a fantasy thing... teacher-student... lol... hopefully he turns out to be a good student...:)

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Originally posted by jammy

Let them follow by your example. Do as I do type of thing...

-Jamms "andeverythingwillbegravy" :cool:

listen to jammy... she knows what shes talking about~ :grin: i dunno... sometimes if you kiss a person for a long enough period of time you just start to mesh and kiss alike... kinda... not all the time though... sometimes... when you're lucky... ;)

but you're really lucky when you can kiss someone who takes your breath away :woah::drunk: and makes you drip with just one yummy kiss~ :spin:

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First off, you gotta take control of the situation.

Then you try to have her follow your lead. You have to stop and say Lets Try This. Its kinda like when a person is not that good at sex, you just gotta take control and be the teacher. Its not going to make the person you are with feel worse about herself...in fact when I was younger and I was gettin with older girls, they would just give me suggestions and help me out. Its good like that, just another learning experience.

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