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A thread dedicated to Siceone....


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Woah, this boy sells himself way too short from what he really is! :eek:

Growl and growl again........big tall sexy black man on the rise ::with strong hands hehe::

Lady's, a massage from this boy is more than enough to make u say "oOOOooooOOOOO Im CuuummmMMiinNNNNGGgggg" lmao

Thanxs again! Hehe

::please dont give me the countdown again on y noone stares at you babe. Those reasons you gave me were weak arguments from my point of view ;):: <~i hope you know what im talking about haha

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whoa where did this come from

Im flattered kitty

Umm I belive those reasons were

I'm ugly which is only half tru I guess

Im huge or something

and something else I cant remember

tell me you know I was rolling

and what a roll it was with all the gorgeous CP people... as soon as I took droped my bomb Deep dish dropped La La land is that forshadowing or what hehehe


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Damn man i wish i hadn't missed that show!!! I'm taking my finals this afternoon and tomorrow :( Kid, next time you all are gonna head down to Vinyl and meetup with CP peeps i'm totally driving and we're totally gonna rock it out and have fun.

I knew i msised something good :(

btw Carl you ARE the original Sexy Bitch.

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