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Anybody see Louie Devito on Elimidate?...LOL


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I saw that a while ago...it seems they are repeating it a lot....if he was smart he would take some of that money he made and buy the rights to that episode so it is never shown again...every two min's "hey i gotta a CD" and then the killer "come for a ride in my expensive car" i'll second your what a loser comment

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Louie Devito = A Big Fucking JOKE!!!

Look at the guy, hes a fuckin flamer! I'd love to beat his ass for shits and giggles. Him and his so called "#1 Rated Dance CD" .. yeah my ass, his sales are doing very shitty on Vol. 4, which is why the lowered the price on the piece of shit 3 times so he can make a buck! Sorry Louie Hard-On.. but your precious CD is a joke like yourself, Derbiss is a little old there killer..

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