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Guest saleen351

Whats the last CD you burned....heres mine...

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Guest saleen351   
Guest saleen351

  • parker - beams of gaia (hardtrance mix).mp3
  • Open Sesame (DJ Scot Project LIVE Remix).mp3
  • D. Ramirez - Burnin Up (Original Mix).mp3
  • The Soulshaker (Robbie Rivera Remix).mp3
  • aquagen - Hard to say Im sorry (extended mix).mp3
  • dj tiesto - Urban Train (Cosmic Gate Remix).mp3
  • Safire feat. Cynthia-Can You Stand The Rain (Richie Santana Mix).mp3

some tracks sit on my hard drive for months before I burn them, since I don't "feel" them right away...great example is Tripping...

I burn a new cd a week, depending on what I'm feeling not whats new....

I would like to see your cds for some great ideas for my next one.

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I use Virtual Turntables and make mixes with the songs I'm feelin...after using it for a while i make flawless mixes at 140 BPM...here's the last pretty much vocal mix i made last week.

I wish u guys could hear how perfectly mixed it is....

-Feel the Beat (Robbie's Tribal Mix)

-Lisa Pure - I'm over you (Mike Ski vox)

-Jim Heinz - Audience DUB

-Jim Heinz - Jackie Nova

-Beci - Wake up (Guido)

-Runaway (Guido)

-the other Guido song with the male vocal..cant remember the

name at the moment

-Can u stand the rain (Richie S)

-More than a woman (Richie S)

-Dido - All you want (Divide & Rule)

-Tingo - In love

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I usually burn data's only....but I made this for a friend of mine.........

Ben Sims- Triangle Theory (Gaetano Parisio mix)

The Freak-Things we Do (Mac Zimms rmx) we fuck alot....

Jon Paradise- Politics<---the fucking man

Baz- Believers (King Unique River Deep Mix)

16B ft. Morel- Escape (Omids Dark Dub)

Andreas Kramer and Thomas Pogadl- Lecker Madche

Alexander K Katz- Titanium Steel...

fuckin bad asssssssssssssss lol


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my last burn went like this:

1. Delirium - Silence

2. Robbie Rivera - The Frenzy

3. James Holden - Solstice

4. Jayne Hanna - Walking on Fire

5. Andrea Brown - Trippin'

6. Mad Myles - Good & Evil

7. Parker - Beams of Gaia

8. Space Girl - Ecstasy

9. TRB - Aftermath (Heinz)

10. Whitney Houston Vs. Deborah Cox - Same Script Diff. Cast (JP)

I know I know....wierd mix. I love my classic anthems as much as (if not more then) my new shit though.

:D :D :D :D

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i use cheesy mixmeister....... but it went like this.

1. Intro from devil's advocate........( kinda stupid i know, but sounds cool anyway)

2. Kaylab- kyoto protocol

3. George Acosta- Taking over Space ( dj Wag mix)

4. 4 Clubbers - Children

5. Terence- Maniac

6. Reeloop- Enjoy Yourself ( love this track)

7. Essential dj team- ong diggi dong

8. Mat Sylver vs. Tony Burt - ride the wave

9. Marco V. - Simulated

10. Jackie Nova - What u mean to me ( heinz)

11. Pink- get this party started (baez)

12. Infernal- Muzaik

not the newest tracks, but i really don't give 2 shits about that..........i don'y have all day everyday to make cd's.......peace.:cool:;)

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i just burned deep dish live @ eve pts. 1+2...i'm gonna burn this latah!!!

1. fred numf vs. etiene overdijk - illusion (mara mix)

2. mestre & santos - jaded memory

3. animated - grab the rope

4. sytem f feat. avb - exhale (sander kleininberg mix)

5. carsten fietz - fly by wire

6. microtek - feel free

7. lula - the dj, the music, and me (different gear mix)

8. mantra feat. lydia rhodes - away (john creamer & stephane K)

9. stella browne - never knew love (bini & martini mix)

10. lexicon avenue - midnoght on west 27th st. (old)

11. dope smugglaz - the word (hernan cattaneo mix)

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bounce's fly away! hard trance and uk hard house mix cd

radium "only a test" (gigi lav mix)

appregiators "freedom of expression" (dj scot project mix)

unknown white label

madam zu "999 matrix (the red pill)" (john doe remix)

twisted silence "listen to me mama"

hennes & cold "the second trip" (dj scot project mix)

nordlicht "cry" (hennes is freezing mix)

lisa pin-up "baddest mothaf..." (nick sentience mix)

heaven's cry "till tears do us apart" (stimulant djs remix)

bounce's journey into the light uplifting trance mix cd:

luna system "the light"

hurley & todd "sunstorm" (dj jamx & deleon's dumonde remix)

rank1 "such is life" (original)

sagitaire "shout (c'mon)"

airplay "the music is moving" (dj jamx & deleon's dumonde mix)

minimalistix "twin peaks theme" (dj gert's tribal mix)

lost tribe "game master" (matt darey's original 1997 mix)

vaiio "rapture" (riva remix)

ppk "resurrection" (original mix)

both available upon request ;)

journey into the light fly away!

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Rhythm Gangstar - The Crowd Song

Thirty Three - Safe From Harm

X-Press2 - Smoke Machine - MrBruno Mix

Amtrak Jrney - Alright Strobelight - Rauhofer 18th S Dub

Lisa Pure - im over you (mike ski vocal vox mix)

angie stone - I Wish I Didn't Miss You (Hex Hector Club Mix)

Cass & Slide feat Danny Tenaglia - Fever Rising (Ben Shaw)

ben shaw ft adele holness - So Strong (SANDER KLEINBERG)

Rui Da Silva feat. Cassandra - TOUCH ME (Original Mix)

trb - Aftermath

great disk, makes me wanna get up and get nuts

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