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I just read a thread on Exit.....

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....and I thought I would share this story.

Well sat night me and my boyfriend decided to go to exit.

Sooo, we heard that it was free before 12 for the ladies, so we get there, I park my car and I make sure I look at the clock in my car, and its 11:42.

Now, I parked not even 2 blocks from exit, so we walk there and there wanst anyone else really on line lol so we just walked right in. We go to pay, and the lady is like, thats $55!!

So we're like "umm no its free for ladies before 12"

and she's like "no sorry its after 12"


I cant believe that, no way did it take us more than 15 from my car. ughh we were so mad, and we woulda left but we figured since we were there wtf

but it was a bad night anyways:mad: :mad:

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Originally posted by magilicuti

did you end up going?

yes we did, cause we figured we were there already.

But still had a bad night.

Nero was good it was just the crowd and there werent that many people there.

I really wanted to stay and hear junior since Ive never heard him spin, but I couldnt wait till 6 in there, we left at like 3.

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yeah the crowd was bad

whats even worse is that I saw a bunch of my sisters friends from highschool that are seniors, ughhhh and these girls are sooo annoying. First of all these girls arent ugly but they're nothing special, and they were dressed in skimpy clothes thinking they owned exit and that exit was "the place to be"

So yeah seeing them was just made the night worse:mad:

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