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question about lsd....and E....

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in regards to acid....watch yourself for your first time. When your trippin hard, you really cant control anything, i.e. mindset, ect. If you have a negative experience.....shit can go downhill fast.....and you cant make it stop till you go to sleep, which could be hours: here is an example of a nightmare evening:

tripping hard with 4 friends...2 tabs in, 2 friends start wrestling, turns into a fight, they almost kill each other, that wrecks it there...so 2 of us leave, then get a call from a hysterical girl, our friend was in a really bad car accident.....OK, now its 3 AM, really bummin cause of the fight and the accident, end up listening to cat stevens for 6 hours till I fall asleep......the worst!!! so be careful and make sure its a nice day out when you trip....makes for fun, as for the e+acid, I have done it and it is cool, but just make sure the acid isnt too strong or you dont take alot....

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Not that you can really tell... but if you're so concerned about having a bad trip maybe you shouldn't do it at all. The E might help take that away... but taking the two together will fawk the shit out of you... yes it can be amazing but it is EXTREMELY intense.

If you're really concerned but want to trip anyway... a xanax or some other anti-anxiety meds are supposed to work well.

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Originally posted by romy20

but when u do half u dont really trip u jsut feel happy and smile alot lol

Not necessarily true... usually when I would take a half it would sort of be the opposite... I would get all that bad things associated w/a trip (nervousness, too many butterflies, paranoia, etc) but not the fun stuff (ie visuals and general fucked-upness).

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I'd say for your first trip just take the acid so that you can enjoy the experience of acid by itself and see what it's like without other chemicals affecting the experience. If you're in a safe, comfortable place and don't take too much you should be fine.

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