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fave downtempo, trip-hop, lounge, and ambient songs


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Hey everyone,

I love downtempo after I come home from a night of partying or working at my club...but I think i'm stuck in a rut! I can't find other artists or styles of "downtempo" to listen to!

I've listened to massive attack, LH00Q, esthero, portishead, zero 7, cynic project, and theivery corp but now I need a break!

Any ideas?

Thanks guys!

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oldie's but still groove to christiansands and you make we wanna die from tricky's pre-milleniumtension album...his new blowback is pretty good.

Other downtempo...here are a couple of great


Rebirth of Cool series

DMC's "Back to Mine": Everything but the Girl, Talvin singh, morcheeba are great. If you don't know about this series basically gets artists to put together 10-15 of their personal favorites tracks that they listen too in a lounge setting. Tenaglias is good too. New ones coming out soon.


i'll think of more that i have.....

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Hello try and track down some tracks by Endorphin or wicked beat sound system. They are generally laid back and cruisy. Also st germain is very popular here likewise any of the cafe del mar albums.

cheers Zade

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