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Originally posted by ReginaP

Ahhh...and what makes for your grand return...just out of curiosity....??

i just needed a break from it all, everything. i been out doin some stupid shit, doin my own thing, figurin myself out, meetin new people, partyin (hard), and spinnin alot of parties. i missed the cp crew though...and felt the need to come back and see wuts up with everyone. hope im still welcome :worry:
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Originally posted by xtcgspot

yea i saw this 14 yr old kid (who's name is 17?), wtf is up with that? its like kiddieland round here

That's not even the worst of it... I'm not going to get started cause I'm not in the mood for drama right now... but even if only one of these kids is 14, most of them have the mentality of 14 y.o.s...

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