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    Whenever i'm with my friends i'll just break out dancing. THe thing is i try and do it at the most inoppurtune time. Like we'll be walking to a club, crossing the street with like a hundred cars waiting, and i'll just stop and do like the "Carlton from "Fresh Prince" dance" or do a Michael Jackson moonwalk backwards. My friends just start runnin & laughin. uhh...guess you gotta be there
  2. too big = hellz fuckin' no

    I have the same problem. Not good at all. Whenever girls see "Herbie" for the first time, all i ever hear is "What the Fuck is that?" or "Just where do you think you're gonna stick that, mister?". Honestly i'm very sensitive, so it hurts my feelings, and i've become well somewhat self-conscious about my member. Being big is not all it's cracked up to be. Believe me. And, as you said, word somehow spreads quickly amongst girls, like you have some kind of disease or something. Honestly, it scares girls and i don't know what to do. I'm thinking of getting a reduction or whatever. THis is driving me nuts.
  3. hahah, (lol) THis shit is hysterical.
  4. Does anyone know??

    lol!! u guys kill me, LMFAO hung
  5. What a girl want???

    Tomix, And how are we doing today, my fine French friend? Have you been listening to Christina Aguilera again? hung [This message has been edited by hunglikahorse (edited 11-30-2000).]
  6. Is your willie above or below average??

    Excellent thread. This test. Are you to use a toilet paper roll or a paper towel roll? Being well hung is not all it's cracked up to be. There is finding the right size underwear. There are many health and hygiene issues as well. Not to mention the fear you strike into the girl who is seeing you drop trough for the first time. If i had a nickle for every time i've seen that "just seen God" look, i'd retire. Know what i mean? hung
  7. Have you been told you look like someone?

    John Holmes and Ron Jeremy, whoever the fuck they are
  8. Big Chest... need help!!!!

    Shop where i shop. store in the village called- "Hung and Stacked". it's owned by the same peeps who own "Big & Tall" e-mail me for directions and send a pic of urself
  9. who is your role model?

    John Holmes & Long Dong Silver peace, Hung
  10. Anybody in TV production or such?

    I have a little video,uhhh.., production, that i'm doing this fri nie, and i'm looking for a capable female to co-star in. If u think u possess the "abilites", let me know. Oh and if u do decide to star in my production, u will need to bring the following: a spoon, a jar of peanut butter, a fishing net, a baseball bat and an egg-beater. Let me know, okay? Hung
  11. I'm so HUNG-ry?

    Good to know that some others from this board (even some ladies, as hard as it is to believe) share my problem. Let me reiterate just how HUNG-ry i am. Damn, it hurts sometimes. Should i get an operation? Hung
  12. I'm so HUNG-ry?

    Anyone else have this problem? Hung
  13. I'm so HUNG-ry!!

    Thanks for the advice. Can anyone else can help me with my problem? hung
  14. I'm so HUNG-ry!!

    Anyone else have this problem?
  15. What's your best feature??

    Well, uh... i don't wanna brag but....uh-ra...