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  1. now now people, no need to lay down categorizations. a bunch of wayward youth at an mtv hiphop party dont exactly strike me as the creme de la creme of good society, but dance music lovers are denigrated just as often for being on drugs all the time. people that start conflict like this for no reason are just ghetto in general...
  2. I always thought that a better solution than banning smoking outright would be to enforce a tobacco use license whereby if an establishment wanted to allow smoking, it would have to have 1) a designated smoking section 2) a set of code requirements for the smoking section that would define a minimum level of ventilation and air cleaning apparatus, which would make the air in the smoking section nearly as clear as the non-smoking section. ionizers are key to cleaning an airspace of smoke-sized particles, and theres no reason not to have them considering their relative inexpense and easy operation. that way everybody can be happy. since the smoking ban, i've been relishing how I can come home from a night of clubbing and not stink of smoke, but at the same time i do like to enjoy the occasional cigarette while out drinking or dancing. with proper air cleaning systems in place, i think that i could have the best of both worlds. thoughts?
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    rabbit hanging out in a straitjacket
  4. darkfyre


    the ritm show passed out diffracting lens glasses, making all the stage effects a lil extra trippy
  5. what a load of right-wing bullshiat, there are too many holes in this guy's logic to count...
  6. i'm also dying to get my hands on some live sets. i've taken a hard look around, but the only thing i've been able to find is the sandra collins/pete tong sessions from radio1. please gimme if you have any live sets from ultra
  7. worddd up on this one... here's the rest of the lineup btw - Royksopp (Live!), DJ Harvey, Miguel Migs, Lisa Shaw (live), Jimpster, Sven Van Hees, Audio Bullys (Sound System), Aya (live), VHS or Beta (live)
  8. "horrid" is a rather exaggerated statement, eh? md compression schemes are far better than mp3, and even an mp3 recording would be more than appropriate for a a live setting where you have a lot of noise to begin with. here's a paper that describes the md compression result as -better- than cd quality ->link. imho the recording bottleneck exists not at the media/compression being used, but in the microphone equipment. you can use a no-compression dat recorder, but the show's still gonna sound like dirt with a $40 bestbuy sony mic. a good pair of mics can make a cassette recorder sound good. but i'm not here to debate md quality anyway, just wanted to know if i can bring my equipment in. well, if i can manage to get just my md recorder itself past the gate that should work, since my mics are pretty undetectable. we'll see what happens i guess.. or maybe its not worth the trouble... <sigh>..
  9. If that's your view of things, you'd probably be quite surprised at what i can pull off. i use separate binaural mics (one hanging over each shoulder or ear), powered by a tiny amp, which allows the mic to handle much higher sound pressures. the cardoid design allows the mics to be pointed at the speaker stacks, and the end result is low noise and a good sensitivity response regardless of whether the music is playing heavy or softly. And of course there's no better medium for live music than minidisc. The recordings i make with this setup don't sound any worse than a typical 'live' (non-studio) essential mix. you hear some crowd noise every so often, but being able to fine tune the stereo imaging by moving around or adjusting my mics yields a very reasonable recording.
  10. hey guys, I made a reservation recently for the Sofitel Miami hotel, and I realized that I would rather be a little closer to the beach, so i'm trying to see if someone would be interested in buying my reservation at a discount. The place is a 4-star french-style accomodation, 5 minutes from miami airport and 10 minutes from the ultra venue. It's one room with double beds. The reservation is from 6pm on wednesday 3/20 to checkout at 12pm on sunday 3/23. I paid a total of $305 for this, which includes taxes. I'll let it go for $265. just pm or email me if you're interested... here's a link for more info on the place - http://www.sofitel.com/sofitel/frm_fiche_hotel.svlt?code_hotel=0889&liste=1
  11. my friends and i are headed down to ultra next week, and i was planning on bringing a small mic and minidisc recorder to do a live recording of some of the ultra sets. my question is, has anyone had any experience with bringing recording equipment into the venue before? I'd rather know beforehand so I dont have to be turned away at the entrance..
  12. wow, i didnt hear about this before, but I did some searching on miamiherald.com and found a couple articles... so it seems the mayor suddenly decided that he didn't want this event taking place now that it's ONE WEEK AWAY?? what an asshole, if he's going to harass people, at least do it well in advance of when the event is scheduled. some people have no shame...
  13. the people on here from new york have probably seen it already, but for the others, theres a pretty interesting article in this week's village voice about David Marvisi's club troubles. it's the front page story, hard to miss..
  14. mattm2o , i totally feel your pain. i've never actually had the misfortune of having my car towed in new york, but its happened to me elsewhere and its no fun no matter where it is. I was thinking the other day, and I realized that all the the legal problems that I have ever had in my life have had to do with operating my vehicle - not paying parking tickets on time and getting a court summons, etc.. it's almost like a crime to drive or something. and don't anybody tell me to park in the f'king garages in new york. the parking tax is like 18.25%!!! which is on top of the already inflated prices they charge... wtf?? you'd think that the city makes enough money off of tickets and towings that it wouldnt have to make it so expensive to park legitimately. my solution is just to be a lot more observant of the parking signs, and not to cut corners when it comes to parking legally (ie, making sure i dont park only 4-5 feet from a hydrant when it should be 15 feet). sometimes i end up having to walk a couple extra blocks, but its worth not getting a ticket..
  15. I was up at Hunter mountain when I heard the news on TV, that exit and soundfactory were closed last week as a result of investigations showing drug use at those venues. admittedly my first reaction was "time to celebrate!", but seriously though, i started thinking about the justification that led to the court order to shut them down.. let's just do some very approximate statistics. according to this article, Exit has a capacity of about 3,500, and although its likely that the place fills past capacity on many nights, lets assume that Exit plays host to 3,500 visitors twice a week. That's 7,000 people a week, and in a year with 52 weeks, that's about 364,000 clubbers passing through exit's doors. At 364,000 people a year, that comes out to about 1 million people who went to Exit over the 3 years that the nypd has arrest statistics for. The press releases (like this one) regarding the club closings state that about 170 arrests were made during this 3 year period. That's 170 drug arrests for 1,092,000 people. 170/1092000 = 1.56*10^-4, or .016%. .016 percent!!! now, according to this article, there were 30,280 felony and 79,900 misdemeanor making for a total of 110,180 drug arrests in nyc during 2001. The nyc visitor website (http://www.nycvisit.com/content/index.cfm?pagePkey=598) shows there are about 36 million visitors a year to new york, and 8 million residents, for a total of 42 million people passing through or living in new york every year. 110180/42000000 = .00262 or basically a .26% (1/4 of 1 percent) drug arrest rate. thats a heck of a lot higher than the .016% arrest rate for Exit. on top of this, the number of police per square foot at any Exit night is probably a lot higher than the police per square foot of nyc in general, so we can probably deduce that the actual amount of drug use in the entire new york city is a lot higher than its arrest statistics state. so we see that we have some serious drug proliferation going on in new york - a .26% arrest rate. the city just closed down exit for having a .016% arrest rate, so the logical conclusion to this finding would be to..... shut down new york city???? none of these drug enforcement actions make any sense to me. exit's entrance pat-downs are already some of the most stringent in the city and definitely stricter than anywhere else i've been to in the usa or the world for that matter (pat-downs are an unknown phenomenon in many places), to the point that i felt a little violated the last time i went. what more do they expect a nightclub owner to do to maintain an honest business? xray scans and drug dogs? urine tests? i dont like exit as a club very much, and i doubt i'd like soundfactory much more, but these recent events set a very ugly precedent if you ask me...
  16. i'd have to say people from nyc are a lot more fit in general than new jersey people. maybe within a certain segment of the population (20something clubbers), jersey residents find it easier to go to the gym everyday, but the fact is most nyc residents are on foot all day, walking to wherever theyre going - mandatory exercise. people in jersey -drive-.
  17. if he "regrets ever wasting time with this website", how come clubplanet is on the favorites list on his website? stick to one story plz
  18. damn i need one of those. my mouth is so full of cavities and fillings and dental decay its not event funnny how much did you score that for?
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