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  1. in a way i can also see jonathan peters as being somewhat responsible for this mess we are in today. he has to know that every saaturday nite at sf was a drug haven, and that all his fans who he supposedly 'loves adn cares about so much' are 'dropping like flies' from excess drug abuse. wheter you move these people to exit or to south beach, its clearly not the venue, but wherever you put jonathan peters, there will be rampant drug use. it is HIS fans who are dying, it is HIS fans who are the ones who cannot control their drug use, and it is HIS fans who are ruining the nyc nightclub industry. If JP loves adn cares about us all so much, as he often says when he does come on the mic - then why doesnt he tell his fans to stop destroying themselves? stop killing yourself? stop overdosing? stop doing so much drugs that you pass out into convulsins on a dirty floor? He obvioulsy doenst care, and thats a sad state of affairs. when the man who is i dare to say at least somewhat responsible for these kids - doesnt give a f*ck whtere or not they drop dead, so long as they pay their 50$ to get in. although it would be ironic if he 'killed' off all his fans, so there would be no one left to pay to hear him! all im asking is that everyone who reads this, stops for a minute. and just really think about what it is thats ruining nyc nightlife. because we really dont have very many 'mega' clubs left to go to... and it would be very sad to see it all end like this, because a few hundred people who have no control over their own lives... please look into getting some help, or at least research proper drug use so you dont end up the next overdose victim in a court indictment.
  2. what

    save it for you mother ok cock sucker b4 i put my foot in your ass
  3. what

    i get evil or not there are two sides that live within me a good side and a bad side the darkness somtmies takes hold of me but am trying to fight it
  4. black review

    pick the narc.... the crowd was lacking but JP was on point he was playing very romantic/happy beats i know i know everyone wants him to get evil but he was very much on point..
  5. what happened at black tonite?

    basically the cops seem to think all the drugs in this town only get sold and done in clubs what really is going on here is a crack down on the clubland in general.. I can admit it has gotten out of hand its too much ni the open everyone needs to take it deeper keep it on the DL. or in another few years it will all be over.
  6. Small clubs & loungs are where its at!!!!!

    anything small.. i like big clubs filled with loud sound and lights. i love to watch the drag queens working it like there's no tomorrow. i love to watch people go off in huger then life circles. small is for the docker wearing button down shirt goer transplant from OHIO in my opinion or hot dates.
  7. jonathan peters = drugs

    these people come from??
  8. this other '"NEW PARTY" 3 months. RIP SF
  9. Soundfactory Review

    RIP SF wow it's really over what a shame that dancefloor was HOT that soundsystem was HOT
  10. Junior @ SF

    went.. if anyone went there would be 10, 0000 plus postes krama is a bicth RIP SF ha ha
  11. Dee Jay ?????

    so i've been hearing allot about Mike Whitmore I've been in the scean forever and I most of missed something can any of you help with some info where's he from? how long has he been a dee jay? what kind of music does he play? I was going to go tonight to Discotheque but now I dont know if I should help a girl out Plllllllleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee.. thank you
  12. The Sound Factory DJ switch. Our fault!

    Tina is a dirty skank..
  13. I think it displays poor judgement on the part of JP's staff to allow Kansas, people, and it's unacceptable. STOP THE GAY BASHING, IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS QUOTE] First off Are we not in the USA?? cuz i can say what i feel, can't I And if you dont like it dont read it if you can't feel what im saying then walk away but understand i will say what i feel. Welcome to NYC cuz most of us say what we feel. this is how it is its always been like this get over MY WORDS & MY FEELINGS If U DONT like them!!!! cuz YOUR right were NOT KANSAS were in NYC. Also note I have many many gay friends and famaily members so when i bash a gay its usually cuz he/she pissed me off if your white and piss me off fuck it. I get mad and say what's on MY mind then im over it.. IF you can not handl what somone is saying walk away.. People these days have to love themselves and forget about trying to change what others think.. Sticks and stones will HURT you NAMES WILL WON'T
  14. Any other women out there like porn?

    i love it...