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  1. Riddler's Bday Thread!!!!!!

    Whats the cover?
  2. Club Sleep (Woodbridge)

    For the most part it's pretty good, this past saturday sucked big time. They played classics but like KTU classics, hardly anyone was there.. I would check it out if I were you..
  3. see you @ SLEEP TONIGHT!!! NM

    I'll be there Dark blue turtleneck with blue jeans.. Prolly wearing Yellow glasses.. Well I just got back and we must have been looking at each-other cause the fucking place was dead as hell.. Played Classics that all pretty much sucked.. I didn't have that great of a time.. Whatever I made the best out of it...
  4. Guest list for Sleep?

    I know Tracy that works there.. But whatever the case me and my boy are going.. Pete and Evan I'll ask for you when I get in there should be around 11 or 11:30 Thanks bro
  5. oakie lays it down...

    Man I've been waiting to see Oakenfold forever and that night, I was so gone I didn't look up at the booth once, I don't remember any of the songs he played.. But all I do remember is I ended up in the DJ booth dancing when Eddie took over.. I was the only none asian in the booth.. Sick nite the crowd made it even better mad love in there so different then Factory.. New Years I'm at avalon again..
  6. oakie lays it down...

    Avalon was the shit lastnight.. The music was slammin all night, the crowd was mad chill, place was jumping.. Great time..
  7. Attn: Jersey..

    Too funny.. Sad but true
  8. Paul Oakenfold @ Avalon Thanksgiving Eve

    I just called Avalon and they said he will be on from 1-5. I hope that's true..