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  1. Ladies, how long does it take for you to cum??

    10 minutes if I am on top. 20 minutes orally.
  2. Valentine/Date help

    @ Gabo, Yes phuck does = phuck and defin8ly not, I dont know you and you couldnt be such a bad person that I would have to do that .... or are you *s* (*s* = smile)
  3. Valentine/Date help

    I would rather drink cyanide with satan himself than go thru the abusive relationship you are going thru.
  4. Valentine/Date help

    100%, Dont know you, but if you hang around for this chick she is going to take you down with her. Who gives a phuck if she is hot, you need a bit of substance (not that kinda substance...) but you know what i mean. I think you will be letting alot of people down if you dont kick her the phuck out
  5. Where is everyone from?

    Thanks man - they perkier in real life tho *s*
  6. Valentine/Date help

    @ Evan - Please tell me you are not going thru all of this for that cooked Chinese chick that you were telling us about, that broke ur laptop, a serious drug addict........?!
  7. ladies, do you....

    What an arb post
  8. IKEA interview...

    How would one go about opening one in say.... SA? Any contacts (If we have enuff money to burn)?
  9. Where is everyone from?

    Johannesburg - South Africa ( . ) ( . ) (pic of my tits
  10. Stupid question here need help!

    Good god women I am feeling embarrassed for you...
  11. Cute, Sweet, and Youthful Looking

    Euwww man. Good god where is ur taste?
  12. Cute, Sweet, and Youthful Looking

    Euwww man. Good god where is ur taste?
  13. colin farell's dick

    @ Lorenzo - Thats prob the only thing I will agree with you on.
  14. wuts everyone doing for new years eve?

    Going to be in Cape Town. But if anybody wants to sponsor a ticket for me to go to the states please dont hold back or be shy. Just pm me the details *s*
  15. Post your DRUNK pics...

    @ Naughtybabe - Who does that "Hot guy" think he is? I have been on this site since Saturday and he hasnt got a phucken good word to say to anyone and in my opinion he looks like a chop even tho he thinks he is the shit.