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  1. ladies, would u allow....

    gotta be clean first-why would he wanna lick smelly pussy?
  2. Do you know what the fuck you're doing?

    I dunno, I'm a little insecure, but when it comes to sex, I am not at all. No holding back!!!!!!! I think i know what the fuck i am doing!
  3. CLUB OrGy

    looks fun in terms that my bf and I would be fuckin with other people around fuckin, but as far as getting with a bunch of people with no protection, no thanks!
  4. sign of true love ?

    it can be true love without being ready for marriage. my bf and i have known we were the ones for each other for six years but we are just now about to get married
  5. ladies, approximately what.....

    .1%. i very rarely fake it. i've probobly only done that once or twice out of all the times i have had sex. i don't always get off, but there's no need to fake it-he understands.
  6. Ugh!

    this thread shows you why girlfriends are like that!!!!! This girl at my fiance's work tried to lure him away. i hate bitches-find your own man!! i know he loves me but how much can any man be taunted without giving in?????