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Originally posted by gothzane

a 50 gallon drum of lube, 20 feet of rope, a breifcase full of $50's,

a pair of trick handcuffs, a bad 80's porno, and brenda the midgit?


id handcuff brenda, throw her in the drum of lube with the 20 feet of rope so she has a fighting chance of getting herself out...then id watch the bad 80's porno for shits and giggles, then take the briefcase full of $50's and get the fuck outta there and buy me some new shit
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id take the case and hide it somewhere safe..take the rest of the shit and invite a prominent politican to a hotel room and record what ensues and bribe him\her and get more money...get my current passport and go to a non-extradition country and enjoy the spoils :)

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Better question...

Is there such a thing as a good 80's porno?


okay okay ill give credit where credit is due...

"The last X-Rated movie part:2"

Was hystericaly classic

"Ive been doing this ol' film for....9,600 years now I guess..."

Originally posted by jonbawls28

is there such a thing as bad 80's porn?

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