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Women becoming Nuns???wtf


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Originally posted by f0xyminx

no fucking way

a life of celibacy, no sex, no vibes, NOTHING

so maybe i'm offending all u hardcore catholics and orthodox christians, but priests and nuns should be allowed to get married

its not natural

I agree with this, a life without ANYTHING isn't realistic, and its definately not natural

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However, after just finishing a women&religion's class...I learned that basically the whole thing is that nuns and priests are married to God and their religion. For them the fulfillment that God and religion gives them, is equal to being sexually gratified.

I dont know.....I understand the concepts, but just dont think I could ever be spiritually satisfied like this

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Hmm, well I think my atheism might be at least as much of a deterrent to becoming a nun as the whole celibacy thing... :laugh: :laugh:

But seriously... there definitely needs to be some sort of reform... look at all the horrible sex scandals that are just now coming to light; do you think they might possibly have been avoided if priests were able to act on their basic human needs?

I don't know, the Catholic Church is just horribly out of touch with reality no matter how you look at it.

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We are human, we need the sexual as well as spirtual gratification. To deny yourself that closeness that you feel when you are with someone sexually just isn't natural. I think they should be allowed to marry and have those types of relationships, the only thing is that many people will have to face the truth that their priests are gay, as many of them are, it would be a very difficult thing for many people to deal with. Many priests committ themsleves to god as a cop out for their gay feelings, they find shame in it or their family finds shame in being gay. Sadly, they think of the presthood as their only way away from from feelings of being gay. But people need to understand the differences between being gay and being a pediphile(sp), I think with the on going scandle in the Catholic Church people are associating gay men with men who touch young chilidren, and this could be farther from the truth....

So there is my .02, with a few spelling and gramatical errors....

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