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Considering her proposition........

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Well, i think it depends most upon you - are you attracted to her? are you comfortable being intimate with her? do you think it will cause weirdness in your daily relations? If you're clear on these all criteria, I say go for it. She's really pretty, and providing you know she's clean, indulging fantasies can be fun. And being that you're the object of her fantasy, I'm sure she'll go out of her way to make sure you enjoy yourself... so like I said, if you're cool with it, then do it!

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Happykittn I've seen pictures of you, and I must say that imagining you and this girl together would be enough to get most people's pulse racing on this board so.......

...go for it!!

I agree with Vixenfoxxy, as long as you feel comfortable with the situation, why not try it out? If you're not comfortable, it's not going to be fun anyway. It sounds like a nice happy medium -- not a complete stranger, but not someone who is like one of your best friends. I'm sure you'll make the right decision...last time I checked, kittens always land on their feet.


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