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wish me luck:(

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Good luck in your meeting. I saw that no one replied and thought you may need some support!

I have meetings like that everyday and understand the pressure.

Where do you work? If you don't mind me asking.

I work for the government.

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thanks y'all

it went allright, but basically i have a LOT more work to do:( which means i'll most likely be working both days this weekend AGAIN. but good thing is the project is wrapping up soon. couple more weeks i think.

merkie, i work at a small sales & marketing consulting firm in bethesda called MarketBridge. great company, but it's pretty stressful sometimes

zags - proton's working for me. click "open file from location", not save as. and choose whatever stream is approprite (ie one of the cable/dsl streams most likely, or the dialup if you're on a dialup)

currently playing: lemon 8 wmc set

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