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Glad to see DG + Hitorkiri joined the Bump"..."clan :)

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Yeah, man :)

aND im sure you're gonna topple that echostar dude in the final tallies.

That is why the BuMp, "..." forum is here:

-open to all discussion, we find the common root in all of us

-bring up nostolgic, funny or light-hearted ideas in your posts

-use smilies A LOT :tongue::D;)

-and steer clear of drama

Have fun, and let's keep this forum as hoppin' as it always has been :D

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Originally posted by ghhhhhost

dg just wants to monopolize all the boards

lmao...:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:...lmao

to be upfront with y'all, didnt want to get on ppls nerves (or anymore then i do) with my off-beat/off-topic posts all over the place so i figured this was the best medium, to get them out there... anyhoo...

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Originally posted by dgmodel

seems like you figured me out... my life goal is to get my own forum on cp then i can just die.... super... but for the record i was on the original "..." long before there was a forum and etc... so slow your roll tiger...


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DGmodel's just working hard now to get to 20000 posts so he can have his own forum named after him....then he's gonna ditch the bump crew like a Bobby Hurley driving drunk....

boy was this guy off by a liil or what!~@?

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