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what's your favorite..

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alice in wonderland, by far :aright: . it's the only disney movie in which the female lead has not needed a man either to save her or to complete her (or both). not only was alice brave and independent, but she was inquisitive, too, and was a better role model for kids than all the helpless losers like snow white and cinderella.

and besides all that, alice in wonderland is just a dope story. i love lewis carroll in general, but i think that disney did a good job with this tale (some of through the looking glass is in there, too). the characters in the movie have good character development, and are different and more interesting than the usual types of disney standbys. i love the tea party - very well-done :D .

people have said for a long time that alice in wonderland was based on drug-induced experiences/feelings. i dunno, but if you purposely think about the movie as a journey on some psychedelic, a lot of it seems to reference that kind of an experience metaphorically.

that's my pick :aright: :aright: !

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Originally posted by thehype

The Mighy Ducks

my ex-roommate and my ex-bf were in the mighty ducks! they were bad guys on the other team, but they were the actual hockey players and not the kids whose faces you saw. but they did get to play the actual team in the shot where they lost :laugh: .

(or was it mighty ducks 2? it's the one where they play the guys from some scandinavian country or something...)

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alice in wonderland is my favorite disney movie too... for some reason everyone thought i was weird for liking that one, but it just satisfied my imagination better than other disney movies... cinderella, lady & the tramp and sleeping beauty were also faves... i love all the movies really... i'm such a kid at heart :D

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Originally posted by danamdkny

nobody picks FANTASIA?~

I like that one

LAdy and the Tramp


^We are siamese if you please ~meoooow~^


definitely not any of the newer ones

well, first of all, i think walt disney's formula of "make the kids cry once in every movie" is fucking sick. this is in every movie, kids, not just bambi, where the mom dies, or dumbo, where the mom also dies. and i think those two were twisted enough. five-year-olds really don't need to be watching cartoons in dark theaters in which mothers of the main characters (who are usually youths) kick it.

but even in alice, there's the scene where alice is beside herself and has no idea of how to get home, after trying her very best, all alone, in a world she can't understand. disney still had to find a way to make the kids cry, even though there was no mama to off.

and i've gotta say that, as a kid, in the theater, fantasia scared the shit outta me :shake: . after that movie, brooms were gonna attack me at some point... then again, i was way too young for it (4). and it is my personal belief that, if a child is upset and scared shitless, this child should be allowed to leave, even if the older sibling wants to stay. the older sibling should've gone with the parents or one parent without the younger one.

but i also like the older movies more :aright: .

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