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out of all the forums on cp...


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Originally posted by marcid21


After 1 week on there, i just couldn't take it. I felt as if i had no breathing room, like everything i did/said was being jusdged by some artificial ranking system :rolleyes:

I like 3 forums the best:

- Current Events:: cuz i like current events (and im a mod ;)

- Sex board:: to see the phreaks :goofy:

- BumP "..." :: need i explain ?

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I'm a fan of New York.. I never really read any of the other ones.. occasionally I'll go into Music and come into this one but I'm mainly on the NY board.. I personally like the Drama board but people don't really post on it.. that's just where the drama threads from other boards get moved to.

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the l.a. board used to be entirely dead, and it's come back to life - at least, relatively speaking :) . while we're still small and it's mostly me talking to myself :worry: , a bunch of new members have joined since i've been on. we're not clique-y like some boards and just have a really friendly vibe. we're getting there - i have faith :D .

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in no particular order:

*sports board - well i love sports, (also cuz i am one of the mods)

*boston board great loyal little crew going on there and up until recently no drama

*jersey board - bunch of comedians and good ppl. usually has me laughing throughout the day

*bump and "..." board - hahah i still t hink the day that this board was created was the funniest CP drama to date

honeslty i think the ny board has been pretty lame lately

oh yeah and the sex board too -- :idea:

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