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Originally posted by gmccookny

wow, u just answered my question despina ;)

damn, sounds like another Osbourne family of critters . hope you can handle them all :laugh:

:laugh: :laugh:

Actually, 3 of them are mostly outside in my yard, except when they are in their own small apartment in the basement that was specifically built for them ;)

...the only one thats in my house at all times is Techna (chihuahua)

.....I was NOT planning on buying another dog, but then I went to the pet store to buy dog food....saw her there....and FELL in love with her cuz she was soooooo cute ;)

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Originally posted by iamme


How do you have time to take care of 4 dogs?? How do you make it work?

I dont even think i could handle one dog right now :(

well...i have summers off....and its really not that hard taking care of them, especially because I have a yard so I dont have to walk them....I only walk them to the park once in a while whe I have someone else helping me ;)

I love dogs...I always have...my parents never allowed me to get one when i was a kid....so now Im making up for it ;)

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very cute, glowgirl, and i remember your other dog pics; you take great pictures of them :aright: .

but i advocate getting pooches from the pound if anyone here is thinking of getting one. it's so sad to think of their dreary lives in cramped cages and the deaths they can't escape if not adopted.

and, as bob barker says, spay and neuter 'em, kids!

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I actually called a couple of shelters in Long Island

there was a story on the news about how a women left a total of 25 kittens and puppys (mostly yorkies and malties)abandoned in her house but because of legal situations there unable to give anyone puppies yet:(

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