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attn: those of you that cant get aim to work at work

Guest jroo

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Originally posted by jroo

when i used to try aim express it wouldnt work. but try to use the older verison of aim express, that worked for me.

Usually you can also use the regular client and not AIM Express...

Typically, firewall admins will block the ports that are used by default in AIM. These ports are 5190 in AIM, 4000 in ICQ, and 569 for MSN. (TMI, I know...)

But, most firewalls aren't blocking port 80, which is the standard port for HTTP (web traffic).

AIM and MSN will use port 80 without any problems. Configure AIM to use manual settings and enter in port 80.

This works many times, but not always as there are sneakier ways of blocking the traffic :D

*edit - made a grammar change :)

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Guest jroo
Originally posted by revaluation

yo, i just tried it and I can get through, now...word! ...holla at me if you want.

name: bumdiddi

i made this thread just for you!! but i decided to make it more open to the other people out there as well!

and general tso, i had to get rid of downloaded software, IS is trying to crack down on shit here.

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