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its not hump day

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Originally posted by vicman

i bought two bottles of wine over the weekend. i might go through them tonight w/ my chili.

wine & chili? classy :aright:

I have a list of wines I want to buy that I tasted at the festival this weekend. I didn't buy them on Saturday because I couldn't narrow it down LOL So I'm gonna order them or look in the stores for them.

I prefer reds to whites and I found so many whites that I loved! SO GOOD!

I had a wine-arita.... it was so yummy! I asked the guy how to make it so...... we can add that to our list of parties to have :D

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Originally posted by nourishment

Tuesday at 10pm, new episodes of Queer Eye. Ushering in a whole different breed of hump day.


this is tonight's new ep:

Name: John V.

Age: 29

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 190 lbs

Status: Long-term Relationship

Occupation: Port Authority Cop

Category: Polyester Policeman

Location: Staten Island, NY

Event: A Romantic Garden Picnic

The Fab Five drive out of the city on a suburban safari and discover a prime specimen, Staten Island straight guy John V. John and his beautiful girlfriend Ayana have a long-term relationship that's been in a bit of a rut. Comfortable in their cozy apartment, their social life consists of more evenings on the couch than romantic nights out on the town - and that's when John isn't busy working as a policeman for the NY/NJ Port Authority. Worse still, John confesses that he doesn't even know "what sexy is". The Fab Five's mission: redress the man and rekindle the couples' romance.


...his uneven tan has left behind unflattering strap lines and ghostly pale feet.

...when out of uniform, he tends to favor unflattering terrycloth shirts.

...seldom cooks because he doesn't know how to prepare food for Ayana's vegetarian tastes.

...his apartment is a feng shui nightmare.

"Anything past chicken cutlets or boiling water, I don't think he can do." — John's Sister

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