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I gotta write 2 papers for my Eng class and revise one...

I gotta fill up my journal for my Art class with 50 pages or

so of nonsense related to art... :blank:

and I need to finish 5 pieces of art work...

All this needs to be completed by thursday and on top of all

that I gotta commence hitting the books for my calculus class

and law ((FINALS))

Some please just shoot me! :blown:

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if u ever need papers on Marx...or consumerist/producerist points of view...or an analysis of Brothers Karamazov...Crime & Punishment...Notes From the Undergound..The Meek Ones...hit me up....

i should be doing my tax project..but not procrastinating is for pussies..

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i just finished 2 17 page papers within the past week... i have one more 10 pager due thursday... i have to revise another paper... do a journal article review.. a chapter summary and stats homework for my classes this week.... plus 2 assignments reviewing a research conference i had at school this past friday... one due thursday and one due friday. KILL ME :blown:

not to mention as soon as that shits all over ..... finals begin....

so i FEEL U on the procrastination thing... and it sucks... :mad:

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