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Relationship RED Flags


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When I smashed her head in w/ a cinderblock, I knew it was time to breakup..

I used to tie her to the kitchen chair and whack her w/ the Yellow Pages..I knew it was time to breakup

When I used to tell her that she was alot more attractive when she was younger, and that the weight gain wasn't very becoming, I knew it was time to breakup

When I would fuck her ,yell other girls names and tell her the sex means nothing and I would never love her like she wanted me to, I knew it was time to breakup

When I killed her and discarded her body the local quarry, I knew it was time to breakup...

So after all the trying times , tears and bloodshed, I knew the"red flags" of a relationship, too bad that whore didn't.....

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Flag #2, out of a job and claims to be looking....OH MY on our economy..being out of a job and under 25...that's REALLY UNCOMMON.........I'm just thinking that someone might actually read that and dump someone because they lost their job....especially a girl dumping a guy..its bad enough losing your job undermines your 'provider' need, even if you're a young guy, and then someone you care about points it out, and takes everything away solely because of it...........that type of attitude could lead to a slew of guys that feel that women are incredibly materialistic and go around trying to woo them with 'stability'....do you women really want guys coming up to you and throwing money at you instead of love..?.........and personally, I don't know of any guy who cares that a woman has no job...as long as she tries to compensate in other ways, and understands that the couple can no longer maintain the same level of spending as before due to the increased financial strain on the guy....my two cents.......

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And reading it further, you're required to pay 2 bucks to make a submission...sounds like a fucking scam......all the advice is vague and could really ruin someone's relationship for no reason...my current gf is living with a blatatantly gay guy...and she goes to gay clubs all the time with her tons of gay guy friends..that's 2 flags..and I could care less.

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