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advice/tips/stories about sex our parents told us


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my mom, a junior high teacher in upper manhattan, was telling me about a school dance they had, and how there were a lot of guys freaking girls from behind on the dancefloor.

"i think they get this from mtv," she said, "and it's terribly sexist." referring to doggy, my mom continued, "women don't get anything out of that position."

i disagreed, not believing i was actually saying this to my mom; we never talked openly about sex before :hey: ...

"well," she said, "nothing works like a good ol' frontal :aright: ."


anyone else have some parent stories? i like to hear these every now and again :laugh2: .

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Nah my parents never told me a thing, learned it all from my friends and the TV.

Never got the "sex talk" either...thank g-d!! Did you see that episode of funniest videos...they taped the father going to have the "talk" with his son and as soon as the Dad said...well son itz time we talk...the kid freaked out and started screaming NOOOOOOO! it wuz hysterical :)

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it's pretty much all women in my family, they are all divorced or unhappily married, and my mom and my aunts all have the dirtiest minds. it's really wierd though because it just doesn't seem right. they get together and watch the sunday night sex show on oxygen, ya know, with the old lady! one time they even got one of those sex toy saleswomen to come to the house and give a presentation to them and their girlfriends ("the new tupperware party")!!! horny middle aged women! ugh. but i love em and i suppose it's better than being surrounded by prudes!!! ;)

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I was brought up VERY VERY liberal...

my mom tried to have the sex talk with me one day, i think when i was 13, and I was like mom its okay I know ....and started telling her exactly what it was I knew. She just asked if I had sex yet, I said "no im 13 no thanks", and that was it. Ever since then we've been very open.

There was this one guy I was dating, and I came home one time and told her that the sex was bad and she was laughing at me. We had a convo recently(much to the horror of my current bf) where I would or would not have sex. I think that sex is such a taboo subject to some people, and it really shouldnt be. There are obviously things about your sex life that should be kept private, but things like where you would or wouldnt have sex, etc, should be openly discussed without being embarrassed or have it be controversial.

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