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My Day Thus far


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So I wake up...hard house music bangin between my ears. make sum coffee and theres a knock at the door. jehovahs wanting to convert me. i have last nights stoli'sashtrayass breath going on. they hand me sum pamphlets and i ask if they like sunflowers (serious about that). they look at me funny and run down my stairs and leave.

so i do sum work. drink a full pot of joe. take my dog to the park and go get an oil change. i use the mens room at the jiffy lube go to let out a 'test' fart and turns out i shit myself........absolutley dusgusted at myself right now. this weekend is off to a great start.

by the way ill be rockin a pair of overalls tonight....all you guys know that ill have on depends underneath! cant wait til the sun goes down........and all us phreaks come out

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