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rip ronald reagan

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yes..like the trickle down economy (a.k.a. IM RITCH BIOTCH~!.. and now im even RICHER!!!) ...and the crack epidemic :aright: nice job ronnie

hahahha ur such a dick bro....if he wasnt a good prez then give me yur thoughts on who is, cuz imo Reagan was a sick prez!!!

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yeah he was a sick prez..nigga had the ILLLLLLLLLLL ALZHEIMERS DISEASE...u dont get sicker than that...

im not gona entertain ur bullshit..ur the same person that thinks the US doesnt have WMD's

Way to make fun of a horrible disease buddy, show sum compassion prick....second of all that whole WMD thing, yaaaa okk no idea wut that means or has to do w/ anything....give my regards to yur homo rapper Big L....

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i didnt agree with a lot of his foreign policies however here on the home front he did a terrific job... paving the road for the financial and economic boom experienced from 87 up... mofo ppl were paying 70% in taxes when he came into office, and he cut that shit down to fractions of that... between him and volker they turned this country around... you think mondale wouldve done any better~!?

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